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We now accept business card artwork from Canva! Design your business cards online with Canva, and we can print your business cards using your own design.

Read below for a guide on how to get the best printed results when using Canva's free online design tool for business cards.

Canva + Australia Print

Design with Canva, and print your business cards with Australia Print from only $69 inc gst and FREE delivery Australia wide! See our business card printing pricelist.



Canva has thousands of design templates you can use for free. Some premium photos or graphics in Canva cost $1 to use which is great value.

See below for some free Canva design templates for business cards that have been adapted to the Australia Print standard size of 86x54mm. For a full gallery of Canva designs at the correct size, see Australia Print on Canva.

Canva Business Cards
Canva Business Cards
Canva Business Cards

See more designs at Australia Print on Canva.



Download your final artwork from Canva as a "PDF for print", published with "Crop marks & bleed" under the options (see below). Order your business cards with Australia Print, and upload your Canva PDF, easy!

86 x 54MM SIZE

See Australia Print's FREE Canva Templates with correct sizing at 86x54mm.

Your Australia Print business card should be sized at 86x54mm, however most Canva templates are different at 85x50mm.

It's easy to create a new Canva template at the Australia Print size, but to resize another template will require a Canva Premium account. A free 30 day trial from Canva is available for this feature.

Using the Canva's 85x50mm size may require a minor artwork edit from Australia Print, which usually costs $29 for 1 proof.




Business cards with a background image or pattern should extend the background at least 3mm past the edge of the document. This will create the "bleed".

Make sure to publish your final PDF with "Crop marks and bleed" selected. The bleed area will eventually get trimmed off for a nice clean edge to your business cards.

If your artwork does not contain a sufficient bleed, your business cards may have a thin white border on some edges. Australia Print can usually fix bleeds with a minor artwork edit for $29 for 1 proof.



Some brighter colours you see on screen in Canva may not print as bright or vibrant. Take note of the final PDF (for print) downloaded from Canva, as this will give you a better idea of the colour to expect. Australia Print will also email you a business card proof to check and approve before printing commences.

In the diagram below you can see how some bright "RGB" colours on screen turn out when printed in "CMYK".

RGB and CMYK Colour

For the most accurate colour results, we recommend using a professional designer who can mix the correct CMYK colours for your business card artwork. Australia Print offers a full professional design service for designing business cards.



Printing requires high-resolution images to print clearly, so take care when adding low-resolution photos and images to your business card design.

Most images taken from the internet have a low resolution of only 72dpi and will print small, fuzzy or pixelated. If you include low-resolution images in your artwork, you may or may not be warned by Australia Print, so please take care using only high quality images.





Australia Print also accepts business card artwork from programs such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite. Read our DIY Artwork Guidelines and download blank templates.


You have now completed our DIY Artwork guidelines for Canva. We recommend also reading our Fineprint before ordering printing.

Let our creative team of designers at saltprint create a design for you that will impress your clients. See what we can do here.



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